Mavi Phoenix – Bite

Dopo l’uscita di YELLOW, ecco il nuovo video/singolo di Mavi Phoenix, BITE.
“I’ve been doing music all my life and for the most part people have been supportive. But when I stepped on to a bigger audience and appeared on bigger platforms, I started being confronted with uglier and more personal criticism” racconta Mavi. “Maybe such opinions are just part of our digital culture nowadays, and of course part of this business. I won’t stop or change, nobody should. While these ‘snakes bite me daily’ I’m concentrating on creating what I think is good music and empower my fans with the positive energy I feel on this track”.

Il video è stato creato con una coreografa viennese di 18 anni, Chiara Daucher: “For Bite I really felt like for the first time I need dancers in my video” dice Mavi. “I called up Chiara and she absolutely nailed it! I hope people will love these ‘Bite signature moves’ as much as I do.”


Author: MondoRaroMusic

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