Ghostroads – A Japanese Rock n Roll Ghost Story

Producer Mike Rogers is proud to announce that his first independent feature will have its World Premiere at Raindance 2017. This is Japan’s first ever rock ’n’ roll ghost comedy movie – a stunning combination of live action, rock n roll and Tokyo Japan’s underground scene.

Ghostroads – A Japanese Rock n Roll Ghost Story is about a struggling rock musician who dreams of success. He meets a ghost who helps him to write the perfect song. But the ghost wants a trade. Just how high a price is our would-be rock star prepared to pay for fame and immortality?

The Screamin’ Telstars are a Japanese retro rock band fronted by Tony (Mr. Pan – leader of The Neatbeats who are considered one of Japan’s most respected musicians in Japan’s top underground band). The band has been playing together for years but has never met with any real commercial success. One day, Tony’s amp blows up and he goes to buy a new one at a guitar shop with a mysterious owner.

Unbeknown to Tony, the amp has a history behind it, and from it comes a ghost who promises fame and immortality in return for a sacrifice: namely getting rid of his band – forever. The ghost also promises Tony stardom greater than his old rival from his student days, the ‘rock god’ Shinzo, but will he pay the price?


English Twitter: #Ghostroadsjapan

Japanese Twitter: #ゴーストロード


Author: MondoRaroMusic

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